We are on our way!

Thanks to everyone that made our Kickstarter a success. We are now working on production and are taking preorders at 20% off. If you want to get your hands on a pair of Oslohs, just buy 'em here! You will get them as soon as we have them ready (we are estimating March of 2014).

Just remember to enter "PREORDER2014" as a coupon code in your cart before checkout.

Free Domestic Shipping & Flat Rate International

We are also offering free domestic shipping inside the US, and $20 flat rate shipping for all international orders.


Move easily from bike to destination

Osloh was created to provide the casual everyday cyclist with clothing that works just as well on the road as at your destination. Stylish and timeless apparel that performs. Enjoy the Ride.

Use the coupon code "PREORDER2014" to get 20% off your backorder Oslohs. Estimated delivery April 2014.